February 9th, 2012 by Ethan

Welcome to the inaugural entry of Beans on Design, by the Gail Bean Design team! We’re very excited to be launching this, as well as our new website in the near future. (More on that as it occurs!)

Since this is something of a special occasion, I’m going to talk a little bit about our company and its history. Gail Bean started freelance design work in the nineties, working with various design firms and clients until she founded Studio Bean in 2003. That name lasted until 2006, when Studio Bean became Gail Bean Design, and our little company was formally incorporated in 2008.

Gail Bean Design business cards

In addition to web design, we offer e-commerce and search engine optimization services, website development, and copywriting. We also offer print: print advertisement design, as well as brochure design. Lastly, we can create logos and other forms of corporate identity especially for your business.

We specialize in serving the quilting and fabric industries, and the majority of our past and current clients are quilters and quilt shop owners. Gail Bean Design has always had strong ties to the quilting community, and we plan to keep them. We have also worked with fabric manufacturers and pattern designers. We even put together a site for a quilt-based murder mystery game!

However, Gail Bean Design also does work for restaurants, wholesale and boutique home decor retailers, insurance information sites, and a multitude of other clients, and we are always happy to diversify our portfolio by helping new clients and business from all areas of industry, whether they want to create or augment an online presence, make a bold statement in print, or develop a new face for their business.

We hope you will come to Gail Bean Design for all your design needs! Thanks for reading!

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